Ritual Movement is a platform for people who experience pelvic pain.

As a member of Ritual Movement, you can expect the following:

  • Restore classes that focus on breath work, gentle and restorative movement, and modified stretching to support fascial release and nervous system regulation.

  • Embody and Connect classes that focus on mindful movement targeting common weaknesses found in folks with pelvic pain. Expect sequencing that always allows you to modify up or down as needed and allows you to experience joy in your body!

  • Gem Box mini-classes that offer relief within less than 5 minutes.

  • Learn mini-classes that give context for a pelvic health journey.

  • A community forum where you can ask questions, request content, and engage with other members!

RM is a fantastic addition to pelvic floor therapy (especially if your entire session is spent doing manual work!), or stand-alone support for those who have graduated from therapy or aren’t quite ready to start.

New classes are uploaded weekly every Wednesday night!


Dr. Cait Van Damm, OTD, OTR/L, RYT-500, is a pelvic floor therapist specializing in chronic pelvic pain and trauma-informed care. Cait owns Ritual Pelvic Health, a private practice in Boston, MA. Her other projects include a spicy (and free!) newsletter, Adventures in Vaginas (and other parts), and she is one half of Empower Pelvic Health, a clothing and product line dedicated to normalizing the conversation around pelvic health.

Cait believes that while manual therapy is a beautiful way to assist in calming the nervous system, movement provides a level of self-efficacy that everyone deserves to have in their body journey. Ritual Movement was born out of Cait's intention to make therapeutic movement for pelvic pain more accessible regardless of gender, age, or ability.